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March is here and Irishi Green is blooming in the air to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day! 17th March is reserved to remember St. Patrick – a patron saint, by observing it as a holy feast day and his death anniversary. It’s a day celebrated with full enthusiasm across the world, especially USA. On this blissful day, feel lucky like a Leprechaun and thank almighty for all blessing you have.

Also known as Paddy’s Day or Patty’s Day, this holly occasion celebrates “Shamrock” – it’s three-leafed and teach us of the Trinity. People glorify this day in many way, like conducting different races/walks, in-house parties, parades and more. Here are ideas to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day:

Attend Local Patrick Day’s Parade: Attending parades going in locale with your family and friends is fun. Participate in them with great enthusiasm by painting your faces and wearing shimmering green outfits or St. Patrick’s Day costumes. New York City, Boston, San Francisco, St Louis, Sydney are recorded to have world’s best St Patrick’s Day parade. You can even opt for theaters and concerts depicting plays on the life of St. Patrick.

Go Green: Since Sir Patrick used “Shamrock” as holy symbol; Going Green is a fabulous way to show your Irish love. Dress up in lovely green outfits inspired by Irish Celebration. You can easily get nice apparel for entire family with shamrock printed, or with funny labels like “kiss me, I’m an Irish” or more. Flaunt green fashion and drink green beer to drench in Patty’s Day spirit.

Get Creative: Celebration doesn’t mean throwing big bash and spending a lot. Keep it simple by spending time with family. All of you together can create some cute paper shamrock handcrafts, cards, collages, garlands, green hats or more creative Spring decor to redecorate home for coming season.

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Host an Irish Evening Party: Welcome your friends and neighbors at special Irish party hosted by you. Serve all traditional Irish food and drinks like potato fadge, cabbage, beef, Irish stew, Boxty, roasted chicken, shepherd’s pie, Crubeens, Irish cocktails and whisky etc. to make it a hit. Give an extra spark to this party by adding a flavor of wonderful Irish music.

Try Irish Dance Steps: Try some funny Irish dance steps with your loud shoes creating rhythmic music. This will not only add fun but will also burn some calories. You can buy an Irish CD to learn these steps.

Check out Local Bars: If you are not in a mood to host a party at home, then check out scenes in local pubs and bars. Visit bar/pub with friends to celebrate fest. Enjoy delicious green Irish Beer and ice-creams along with all other goodies.

Attend Churches: Like Sundays, visit church on Paddy’s Day and gain some teachings related with life of Sir Patrick. Keep your heart, mind & soul pure by eliminating all negative thoughts. Make a resolution to follow the path of humanity and love. Pay honor to this holy saint by offering special prayers both in morning and evening.

Precisely, everyone have their own way of celebrating an occasion, but it’s always good to do something new. On Patty’s Day don’t forget to make your loved one feel lucky and blessed by sending them enticing presents, and do some St. Patrick’s Day shopping. Send St. Patrick’s Day gifts to friends, family, neighbors and colleagues for getting closer to their hearts. Make most of this day to relish all the good you have. Click on gift coupons to find amazing discounts on Patty’s Day gifts.

On the day let the Lord bless us all and make us luckier. Have a Happy St. Patrick’s Day.

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