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Undergo the Simplest Lab Testing via Personalabs!

Are you worried that you have allergies, but still hesitating to go to the doctor because you know testing and follow-up will be too time consuming and costly? Or maybe you think you are exposed to an STD and want an inexpensive way to get rid of it. Perhaps, you’re in need of a pregnancy test or a complete female health checkup. Maybe, you want to check on that fatigue, or the effect your stressful job has been having on your body.

Nowadays everyone wants to be on the frugal side by spending less on everything, especially on health issues, as diagnosing them tends to become very costly, most of the times. And this is also true that proper testing has to be accomplished for these issues before they become serious problems.


Traditional lab testing is not just costly but time-consuming too. It requires a visit to a doctor, the doctor ordering lab tests, patients then taking those orders to the lab and going through a series of specified tests as prescribed by the doctor, and then patients scheduling another follow-up visit with their doctor to get the lab results.

To save self from these hassles, you can opt for an improved, alternative way to get those results via Personalabs, which saves both money and time.

If you are a patient who wants his/her test done, you just need to go to, find the test you are interested in (from 300+ tests) and place your order, and Personalabs will send you a doctor’s order within 60 seconds. Print that confirmation order and take it to one of the 1,700 lab facilities located nationwide. The lab will then take your blood/urine/stool/semen sample and you can leave knowing that you’ve completed your part and Personalabs has you covered the rest of the way! The lab tests your sample and within 24-48 hours, you will receive an email advertising that your results are ready. You can then sign into the secure Personalabs Patient Portal to view your results. So easy! Any Question or concerns? No problem.  There are several customer care specialists standing-by to help you!

Why Personalabs?

  • Personalabs has doctors registered in 50 states, so it’s easy for anyone to find one without any difficulty.
  • It offers a 100% confidential service as the results are sent to your private account, viewable only by you.
  • To get a quick access to your results, you can place your order using your mobile device, or even by calling at 1-888-438-5227. Visit the lab to avail the results directly.
  • By opting for Personalabs services, you need not book an appointment. Just visit your lab center with the confirmation order and get tested.
  •  Personalabs offers a service, through which you can even share your results directly with a doctor.

Modes of Payment

Personalabs accepts all major credit cards, PayPal (including Buy Now, Pay Later), FSA cards, Amazon Checkout and all pre-paid gift cards.


  •  Some tests are more extensive and may take up to 7-10 days.
  •  Personalabs currently does not accept any form of health insurance as their blood test prices are the lowest available in the market. Their service saves you money and is cheaper than the actual premium you would pay to your insurance provider. However, they offer the ability to provide you with an insurance admissible receipt. You can use that to claim back funds from your insurance company.

So, what are you waiting for? Get the blood tests you need and results quickly for much less than traditional testing.

This post was created in partnership with eAccountable. All opinions are my own.


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