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Tips to Host Budget-Friendly Summer Party!

Planning for a party? Breezy summers are a perfect time for that. Moreover they are the best time for soaking up the sun and enjoying outdoors with friends. Whether you plan for a BBQ, pool party, backyard party or party inside the house; it is a perfect atmosphere to party with friends and celebrate the season.

In this excitement many people ignore their spending plan as they want to please their friends and have fun. But hosting a party can be expensive. You may end up spending so much that you will resist spending any more, even when there is an opportunity to celebrate again. Fortunately; there are many money saving ideas one can follow to trim those party bills. Here are some you need to ponder upon:

summer party

  • Plan and Shop: Planning is crucial before any party preparation. Choose recipes and plan menu for party. Create a shopping list before heading to a store. It is advisable to consider budget friendly dishes which require seasonal ingredients as they will be more economical to prepare. Best is to hit local farmers’ market and shop there. Everything will be fresh and decently priced. Another way to enjoy savings on heavily priced food items is by grabbing food coupons. One can also choose to buy from some sales circulars to save in this regard.
  • Skip Chicken and Steak: Chicken and meat contribute to major expense incurred on party bills; so better is to neglect them. Substitute meat, steak for other protein containing dishes like pulses, beans or lentils. If you can’t skip chicken; consider buying chicken breasts instead of boneless chicken as they are double the price. Buy less expensive tofu to replace meat. If chicken is not an issue; serve hot dogs and hamburgers to guests. They would absolutely love those hot dogs and burgers topped with barbecue sauce and bacon.
  • Let it be a Potluck Party: It is the least expensive way to organize a party. As a host; one may want to serve salads, burgers, an entree or a side dish. So; create a list of items and choose the one you would like to serve. For rest of the items; ask for contribution from each friend or group. They can bring desserts and appetizers, salads or even wine bottles. It will result in enough quantity and variety of food everyone would enjoy.
  • Substitute Beverages for Wine: Who doesn’t want to enjoy chilled drinks in hot sweltering summer? One doesn’t have to buy expensive liquor to please his guests. Instead go for tantalizing beverages made at home that your friends can sip on whenever they want. Consider making lemonades, shakes, iced teas, cold slushes and more to have a delight sip at the party. One can also make simple cocktails using some homemade cocktail recipes. If you want to still go in for wines and spirits; use Coupons to shop for wine and have considerable savings on them.
  • Party Outdoors – Save Electricity: No one wants to have a boring indoor party. Rather than clinging inside all day long; party outside with friends and enjoy more. Plan to have fun near pool side (if you have any) or make it a backyard party. Another benefit you would get from this is savings on electricity bills as running the lamps, lights and air conditioners all day will only put a dent on budget. So always plan to make it an outdoor party.
  • Go for Budget-Friendly Decorations: It is more economical to either neglect decorations or go for budget-friendly decor. If it’s a pool party; minimize decorations to make it more informal. If you are planning to enjoy in backyard or porch; consider lighting decors to create a perfect ambiance at night. Less pricey Chinese paper lanterns, porch lights, oil lamps and more are great way to impart sufficient lighting to the area. Moreover consider inexpensive wall hangings, paintings or just decorate the space with natural flowers and save dollars on pricey decor. You can also decorate with inexpensive paper streamers, balloons, ribbons, Christmas lights and more.
  • Shop on sale: Shopping during sale season can be the biggest benefit one can redeem. Take time to plan so that you can shop whenever it’s a sale. Best way is to stock up pantry during sales and make use of it later. Summer holiday parties like Memorial Day or Fourth Of July Day prove out to be savvier, as you can find lots of hot coupons around festive season. Moreover to have a budget-friendly party all the time; shop through Asian Food Grocer Coupons and save some precious dollars.
  • Use Reusable Party Ware: Don’t let bills rise high because of expensive party ware. It is true that paper items are easy to handle but they get consumed fast. Moreover every time you have to buy new ones to have food and drinks. Go for reusable utensils and dinnerware which can be used again and again for an occasion.

Summer brings bright sunshine, warm weather and preparations for outdoor get together .They are a perfect excuse to throw a bash and enjoy warm weather outside with friends and family. Throwing a party can make you spend a lot leaving an empty purse. Luckily above are some ideas to have a perfect summer celebration without letting your wallet starve. Follow them and make your bash a memorable one!!!

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