thanksgiving preparation list

After enjoying all the spooky fun it’s time to get ready for most important event before Christmas. Yeah! You guessed it absolutely right – Thanksgiving Day. It’s pier necessity to thank almighty for everything we have and it’s equally important to show gratitude, love, affection, and appreciation to our dear ones. So, what’s better day than this? Thanksgiving Day is not just about saying “Thank You”, in fact it’s about making people feel special and spreading a message of humanity. In this ultra-fast generation, each one of us is sinking into luxuries, holding this techy world in our hands, can’t seem to steal some time to appreciate, what we have……..but yes, still have plenty of time to whine and complain. On this special day, let’s just stop, count our blessings and get the secret to live happily.

Thanksgiving Day gives a chance to celebrate success, share blessings, appreciate others while relishing appetizing feast with friends and family. So, it has to be best in every way, whether it’s food, decor, gifts, and more. It’s always good to kick off early to avoid last minute hassles, as lots of To-Do’s are there to make Thanksgiving Day perfect. Read on to check hasty Thanksgiving tips, to make your celebrations bigger.

Start almost a month before, as you are likely to miss out key ingredients or encounter ransacked shelves if you are buying everything at last minute.

Start Off Early November:

  • Prepare guest list, as well as gift list.
  • Decide upon menu with family. Finalize, everything from starters and main course to dessert. In case of shared gathering keep a track of who is bringing what on your menu and also check any special food required for guests.
  • Make master list of things required and bifurcate them into perishable and non perishable items. Place order for fresh turkey now or you can use frozen one.
  • Send invitations to guests.

Three Weeks Ahead:

  • Decide, which glassware, table linens, flatware, napkins you will be using, clean them prior.
  • Count tableware, glassware, kitchenware, serveware and every small thing – are they enough, if not buy for some inexpensive yet stylish essentials. To avoid loads of dish clearing mess you can even go for paper goods.
  • Plan decorations, table setting, and seating arrangement. Make separate adjustment for kids.
  • Start shopping for Thanksgiving gifts and ship them as soon as possible especially for those who are living quite far.
  • Divide responsibilities among family members and keep track of progress or assistance required.

Two Weeks Ahead:

  • Make sure you have enough chairs & tables and accordingly plan seating arrangement. Make inventory of your table clothes, napkins, and hand towels.
  • Start picking up non-perishable groceries and keep checking what you have bought and what’s left.
  • Clean your refrigerator to make space for Thanksgiving meal.
  • You can go different by playing soft music in background and making preparations for nice games. Select music & game right now and prepare for them.

thanksgiving day

One Week Ahead:

  • Cleanup the house. Prepare guest room with fresh linens.
  • Keep clean and fresh towels in bathroom.
  • Give quick review to recipes and cooking schedule.
  • Make final shopping list, don’t forget to add wine, apple cider, cream, nuts and few others.

4 Days Ahead:

  • Defrost your Turkey if it’s frozen.
  • Finish of your shopping and check everything is complete.
  • Check status of work with everyone.
  • Schedule cooking for Thanksgiving Day.

2 Days Ahead:

  • Wind up house cleaning and put up major portion of lovely colorful wreaths and decorations likes candles, Thanksgiving centerpieces, and more.
  • Pick up flowers, decorative items and all perishable items as well.
  • Plan ahead for leftovers, organize containers and bags.
  • Make some space in wardrobe for guests’ coats and hats.
  • Chill beverages, clean and refrigerate vegetables.
  • Also clean and lay fire at fireplace, so it can be used later.

1 Day Ahead:

  • Finish final cleaning touch up for rooms that will be used.
  • Complete your decor.
  • Peel potatoes, put them in a pot of cold water and refrigerate. Finish of with chopping, peeling, and toasting that can be done before.
  • Prepare stuffing, gravies and pies, along with side dishes that can be baked ahead.
  • Take out all serving pieces and set on the counter table.
  • Quickly review everything is at its place.

Thanksgiving Day:

  • De-refrigerate turkey early and fill stuffing. Make gravy and last minute vegetables.
  • Preheat oven to reheat food and breads.
  • Enjoy Thanksgiving turkey with wine! Later sever delicious dessert.

Planning early is the key to success! Hope these quick tips will help avoiding last minute shopping stress and mess. You can pick up Thanksgiving flowers, decor, gifts, kitchenware, and all other necessities without thrashing your budget with hot Thanksgivings coupons. Stay blessed on Thanksgivings and enjoy finger licking delicacies with friends and family. And don’t forget to spread magic of love and care all around with two simple words “Thank You.”

Happy Thanksgiving Day!!