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Summer Travel and Gas Mileage Tips

As warm weather approaches, everyone around start planning for summer vacation. While many opt spending time outdoors, others go for a long drive with family and friends. Choose either way, one thing is common in both – traveling by own vehicle.

summer travelWhether going for an outing or at work, Extreme Heat and Maximizing Fuel Mileage are two big challenges that drivers face each summer. The combination of good driving habits and few minutes of basic vehicle maintenance can help you stay safe while getting better fuel mileage all summer long.

Check out some fuel saving tips so you can spend less time at the pump and more time on the road while summer traveling:

1) As the engine needs to breathe to create maximum power and efficiency, so it’s advisable to change your air filter on regular basis. The air filter should be replaced after every 7,500 miles unless otherwise specified by the manufacturer.

2) Proper tire pressure is next big significance on fuel economy. Check drivers’ side door post to see exactly what tire pressure should be, then check all four tires weekly for best results. Under inflated tires create dramatically more rolling resistance.

3) Using synthetic oil. It reduces internal engine friction, lubricates better, and reduces engine operating temperatures, all creating more efficient power process and increasing fuel mileage.

4) Reduce vehicle’s load by eliminating excess cargo. It saves gas and also because fuel mileage is reduced by approximately one mile per gallon for every 200 pounds of extra weight in a vehicle.

5) Fuel injectors should be kept clean by using an injector cleaner. It can be done once or twice a year. When fuel injector nozzle gets debris and buildup on it, it doesn’t spray fuel charge as it was designed to. A simple injector cleaner added to fuel tank a few times each year can help keep injectors clean and efficient.

6) Make sure that your vehicle is in alignment. If it pulls to the right or left, it likely needs an alignment, or some suspension work possibly. When all four wheels are traveling down the road out of alignment, rolling resistance is created, not to mention rapid tire wear. Once the vehicle tracking is straight, it will help protect your investment, enhance safety, and improve fuel mileage.

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