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Bunnies have started peeping out of burrows, as Easter is approaching. One of the most awaited and biggest Spring occasion – Easter is celebrated with lots of enthusiasm. This occasion gives another good reason to spend some time with family and friends while offering prayers. The resurrection of Jesus Christ on third day after his crucifixion, makes Easter most well attended Sunday prayers of the year. This holiday is all about Jesus and there are a lot of ways to celebrate it. Long Spring holiday weekend commencing from Good Friday till Easter Sunday, has got lot more to do than just shopping and eating candies. Here are few incredibly significant ways of celebrating this holy holiday with family and friends:

1) Make a miniature Family or Easter garden: Entire family or children can collectively make a small Easter garden. This is not only the holy way to celebrate resurrection of beloved lord but will also inspire children to learn holy traditions and customs. Adorn this mini garden with sand, grass, flowers, decorative rocks and gravels, animal toys and cross. Fix small lights or mini bulbs which could be lighted up in the evening for Easter celebrations.

Easter Eggs

2) Decorate Easter Eggs and Play Egg Hunt: One of the most enjoyable and awaited activity of Easter morning is egg hunt. Buying yummy eggs filled with delicious chocolate and candies is a great idea or make it more fun by simply decorating eggs at home. Entire family can participate in egg-hunt activity with your children and let them reveal the hidden eggs. You can even distribute prizes among them.

3) Keep Prime Focus on Jesus: Easter is all about Jesus and prime focus must be on loving the lord. It will inspire us to follow his path for better living by removing all negative thoughts, get closer to him and acquire his blessings. Read stories on life of Lord Jesus and Bible quotes to motivate your children to follow right path shown by Jesus.

4) Fly a Kite on Easter Evening: Flying a kite symbolizes ascent of Christ into heaven, so it may be included in one of ways of celebrating this occasion.

5) Cook Special Easter recipes: Easter marks end of 40-day period of fasting – Lent, make it special by cooking some finger licking recipes. Try special recipes of coconut-mango pancakes, Easter bread and buns, cookies, sweets, chicken eggs or make something liked by entire family. This holiday is right time to enjoy supper with family and friends along with Easter candies.

6) Decorate Home Well: Updating home is good ideas. Encourage kids and other family members to be a part of home decoration work, as you will be able to spend more time with them, reduce your work and let them feel an important part of the celebration. Colorful balloons, rabbit toys, dog wood branches, grape hyacinths, shimmering eggs and more can be creatively used to dress up your home to welcome Easter Bunny.

7) Build Easter Egg Tree: Just like Christmas tree, create an Easter tree using painted eggs, Forsythia branches and buds, colorful ribbons, cute bunny and chick toys to adorn your tree. This will not just enhance home decor but will extend amusement for kids.

8) Go green and Give a New Life: Going Green is great idea to celebrate while doing your part for nature. Easter planting is fun! You can plant some trees, shrubs, flowers, and other useful plants in home or neighborhood. Every year grow different tree or plant that will symbolize cherishable memories of passed away Easter. Moreover, there can not be a better start than this for Spring.

9) Host Easter Evening Party: Have a blast and enjoy Easter with a fab party. Make invitation cards from scrapbook paper including details of party and invite neighbors and friends to join you on this special eve. Decorate party table with Easter food, flowers, balloons, Easter eggs and baskets. Do add delicious candies and chocolates along with tantalizing dishes, as they are the main attraction to everyone. You can also create some homemade gifts and give as Easter favors at end of the party.

Easter is perfect time to get closer to God, so take this opportunity to celebrate Christianity and show love for humanity. But at the same time you can add a little spark to your celebrations by gift giving. Giving away Easter gifts is another important part of the tradition that can’t be forgotten. Delight your nears and dears with egg-cellent gifts. Make your celebration egg-straordinary with these simple ideas.

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