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Health Care Tips For Winter!

Some people will happily bid goodbye to hot sweltering summers while many will be dreading the winter blues arrival. This cold and flu season with its dark, cold mornings make almost everyone feel lethargic. This is what gives this season a bad rap. Moreover we spend bulk time residing inside our homes eating processed foods. This hibernating instinct worsens our health allowing cold and flu to grab hold. However one can follow some health care tips to supercharge his/her winter wellness. Healthy living becomes easy with these, read on to know them -

winter health tips

Caffeinated and sugary beverages weaken the immune system so try to avoid them. Instead consume healthy energy drinks like milk and ginger tea or herbal tea in winters. Go for skimmed milk rather than full-fat milk. Green tea is also a great antioxidant-rich option that is sure to keep one healthy throughout the cold season. Use Teavana discount code to get $10 off $50 plus free shipping on soothing blends of tea. Staying hydrated is important in summers and winters equally, if cold water doesn’t suits you, drink boil water with a lemon slice.

Major emphasis on winters should be on boosting your diet. Practice healthy eating by consuming all healthy foods. Be sure to include calcium and iron rich foods in your meal as they make immune system strong. Don’t skip winter veggies and fruits like broccoli, spinach, capsicum, ginger, garlic, sweet potato, lemon, beetroot and mandarins. Healthy meals should also comprise of high fiber foods like salads and other green leafy vegetables. One can also go for fiber supplements to get as much as fiber as their body needs. Consume handful of healthy snacks and nuts every day, and warming soups and stews every night. Don’t forget to fill up your grocery shelves with flu-fighting food like mushroom.

With the growing consumption of fast and processed foods, we don’t get all the essential nutrients we need. This need is filled up by dietary supplements. These nutritional supplements are essential to meet daily recommendations of vital minerals and vitamins. So, look forward to some health supplements and probiotic supplements; they are effective in covering up certain deficiencies. At you can find discount on health supplements for entire family.

Sugar and refined flour can hinder the working of immune system, so neglect them fully. Opt for fruits instead; these natural sugar containing foods are sufficient if you crave for something sweet. Moreover intake of dark chocolate can also satisfy your cravings, it is also known to lower the blood pressure.

Lack of rest can seriously affect your immune system making you victim of cold and flu. It also results in decrease of white blood cells which fight against body infections. Research at New York University stated that our immunity system starts boosting after the 7th hour of sleep. So take adequate sleep of at least 8 hours every night to strengthen your immunity.

Harvard Medical School researched that most of the infections are caused due to Vitamin D deficiency. This deficiency also increases risk of muscle weakness, bone fracture and immune system problems. One reason responsible for Vitamin D deficiency is ‘less outdoor activity’. So try to chase the sun during winter morning or afternoon as sunlight is the biggest source of Vitamin D. You can also take Vitamin D supplement to increase vitamin D level in body. Complement your diet with supplements from to ensure a healthy living.

Regular medical examinations or health checkups can help finding potential problems before they really occur. Moreover these screenings help in earlier detections and cure of diseases before they get worsened. Visit a doctor for monthly check ups and ensure everything health is fine. Schedule a visit and ask the doctor for vaccination plans if required.

Exercising is crucial to stay healthy and in shape during the winter seasons also. Lead researcher from Appalachian State University of US stated that 20 minutes of regular aerobic exercise is the best to lower the sick days during cold season. So exercise to boost your immunity. If the winter weather stresses you, perform yoga and meditation. It not only distresses the body, but also enhance immunity and positive energy while lowering blood pressure. You can bring home a treadmill, elliptical, home gym or other fitness equipments to enjoy great health without paying to expensive gym memberships. Use ProForm coupons to fetch savings on fitness gear.

Follow some general health tips to stay healthier and happier:

  • Quit smoking and drinking. Instead try healthy options like juices, milk and soups.
  • Wash hands oftenly as they are the main source of transferring germs and bacteria. Wash them for 20 seconds to dislodge germs. Moreover keep your hands away from nose and mouth while sneezing.
  • Remember not to stay near people suffering from cold, flu and other infections.
  • Wear right clothes to stay protected from winter blues. Go for tightly knitted and woven clothes to stay safe throughout the season.
  • Opt for health insurance. It is one of the affordable ways to get the right medical care at the right time.
  • Keep your food items covered and away from contaminated surfaces.
  • Clean up all the surfaces more often. Most of the germs spread through dirty and unclean surrounding.
  • Don’t share food, clothes and other items with ill people. Germs from their bodies are communicable and can easily spread.
  • Eat organic vegetables and fruits which are grown without using chemical fertilizers and pesticides.
  • Complement your healthy diet with herbs like grapefruit seed and Goldenseal to boost its nutritional value.
  • As cold winds dry out your body, keep it well-moisturized all winter long.

Catch up with these health tips to stay physically and mentally fit throughout the winter season. Also pick up your favorite health magazine using books and magazines coupons to get complete information regarding health. Happy Winters!

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