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After School Activities for Kids to Keep them Entertained!

Plugging on televisions, computers and video games keep kids entertained. But you would not want them stick to these oh-so-unproductive activities all day long. Children start feeling boredom and become restless quite early. Being parents, we want our kids to indulge in various physical and mental activities instead of spoiling their health by letting them sit in front of the idiot-box (TV) or latest gaming console for long hours.

Though it’s not easy, but still you can make kids’ idle time playful and knowledgeable by assisting them in some indoor and outdoor games. Involving children in creative activities will allow their little innovative minds to explore and grow more. Picking something that appeals your child’s interest is a good idea. So, let these curious young minds keep working with after school activities that are fun. Read more to find out what all ideas we have for you:


  • Indoor and Outdoor Games: Indoor games like board games are a perfect way to make kids learn and keep them busy and entertained during free time. These games challenge minds and help to think logically. Games such as scrabble, math games, chess games and more enhance their mathematics, language skills and even IQ. You can also make them spend quality time playing outdoor ball games, bike riding, skating, swimming, basketball etc. One can plan for camping with family and kids in leisure time. You can choose best camping sites in US and make bookings.
  • Gardening: Bring a joy of natural practices such as gardening to your kids. Help them embrace beauty of garden while learning gardening tips and techniques. Gardening is fun for everyone. We all love seeing sweet fruits (of-course healthy vegetables and lovely flowers), ripping of seeds we have sown, and same goes with the kids. Gardening will keep them busy and entertained. It is not necessary to make them achieve perfection in horticulture. You can plant some seasonal flowers, fruits or vegetables, and kitchen herbs along with your kids. If you don’t own a garden, pots will help. Besides this; teach them about seeds, soil, manure and other terms related to gardening. This is sure to enhance their knowledge regarding environment. Not only this; gardening makes a kid responsible, cooperative and enhance creativity.
  • Reading and Writing: Engage a child in skills like reading and writing. Encourage them to read books and write stories themselves to stimulate brain activity. These activities foster vocabulary building and enhance thinking and imagination ability. It will also boost grammatical, learning and comprehensive skills. So buy books through Books & Magazines Coupons to initiate this process. You can also get them a library card to a local library and help them in getting most of their free time.
  • Get your Kid a Musical Instrument: Who does not love music? Engaging children with musical instrument is always great. Send them to regular music classes where they can learn their favorite instrument like guitar, flute, drums, keyboard, or more. Playing musical instruments is not only a stress buster for kids but will let them attain a new skill right from the childhood. Moreover it boosts brain power and makes them confident. It is one of the ways to cultivate skills in children that will prove to be beneficial for rest of their lives. Buy a musical instrument as per their interests and get heavy discounts with Musician’s Friend coupons.
  • Educational Playing: Educational games and toys help kids learn even in free time. They are one of the building blocks of their future and make learning a fun and entertaining task. Sophisticated puzzle games, musical toys, role-play games and other kids’ games and toys are great way of enriching a child’s mental, intellectual, and visual knowledge. Benefits of Educational Toys for Kids of Every Age- Group are endless. They make them learn social skills and teach qualities of cooperation and sharing. It does not end here; educational toys instill in them a habit of learning more and more. Drawing, painting, crafts, coloring etc. boost their creativity and art skills. Learning games and toys are best way to learn while the kids play.
  • Engage Kids in Kitchen: Kids are food-a-holic and there is nothing better than engaging them in food preparation. Parents should engage children in kitchen in order to help their families use mealtime as a teaching experience. They can be taught to do work like setting table, washing dishes, mixing ingredients, peeling fruits and vegetables etc. Tell them dos and don’ts related to food habits. More time children spend in kitchen; more experiments they would do regarding cooking techniques and recipes and hence will become aware of the art of cooking, mathematical skills and more. Remember to tell kids about kitchen safety and teach them skills appropriate for their age.

Keeping children entertained during their spare time is a daunting task. These fabulous activities will not let them get bored while helping them enhance their creativity. Don’t make their routine monotonous with same kind of activities. Select different games for every day and let them play a little and learn a little more.

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